Hosting Policy

First of all thank you for considering hosting me for ThetaHealing Classes! My goal is to share ThetaHealing with as many people as possible and to offer the people of the world the chance to be healthy, make a better living, and make a difference in their communities. To do this I have to go where I'm needed, and that's not always my home town. So I've designed this hosting policy in order to make it easier to be there for people who want to learn ThetaHealing

Host Responsibilities

Provide Venue for Class

 This means if we are doing class in your living room their should be enough seats for all students and the Instrutor. It should be tidy, smell fresh and the energy should feel comfortable for all studends and the Instructor. The class will also need access to a clean restroom.

Provide Refreshments

There are three break times during class. Morning break, lunch, and 

afternoon break. Students will have to provide their own lunch but the break time refreshments are the hosts responsibility. I like to have coffee, tea, and water available in addition to an easy snack. 

Bring in Students

The host and myself will work together to bring in students. We can do this many different ways. I can send you my card to share with friends, post on Facebook, etc... I am counting on you as a local in your area to bring people in to the class. There will have to be a minimum amount of paying students attending the class for me to travel. That minimum will depend on the class location. 

Host Perks

Free Classes

The host gets the class for free! Plain and simple. No deposit or seminar fee is required from the host. 

Host Commission

In addition to the free class, the host receives a commission from each student that attends my class from the hosts referral. My rate is $25 per student. I think its a great way to give back and get the host excited to talk about ThetaHealing to their community. 

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