How a ThetaHealing® Session Works

From the moment you were born you started having experiences. You learned from those experiences and are now utilizing what you learned from them as an adult. Sometimes we dont learn those lessons as a chid. So our subconcious creates patterns in our behaviors to teach us the lessons we need to learn.  When our patterns were being deveoped as a child were also creating subconcious programs and beliefs. 

Unfortunately these patterns in our life are not always ideal. 

For example: A person might consistantly choose mates that treat them poorly. Lets say a man is verbaly abused by his mother as a child. Now as an adult he chooses mates that share that same quality as his mother.  He knows its verbal abluse. He knows its wrong. But he continues this pattern throughout his life. 

Why does he do this?

He is programmed to. Simply put, he identifies love as that verbal abuse. He has the program "love is abuse." If he doesn't have that aspect in the relationship... he may not feel loved. 

During ThetaHealing sessions we use a series of techniques to help you shift and change any of your undesirable programs created in childhood. I can help you create a positive mindset so you can live your life the way YOU want to. 

We can manifest abundance in your life, shift subconscious programs, or even help you get on a path to recovery from an illness or injury.  Once you are in a positive mindset you are far more capable of healing physically. 

Science had shown us that healthy cells emit a different energetic frequency than unhealthy cells. It is proven in a simple MRI Scan. You can see sick cells in the body through the scan because they emit a different energetic frequency then the healthy cells. The more peaceful and positive energy you carry, the more your body thrives. Holding onto negative feelings or resentments can actually make your body sick. 

If your looking to make positive changes in your life please contact me. We can create a better life for you together. 


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